how to be an awful person: a lesson by me


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fuck, what happened girl

I just carried on taking shit for about 22 hours straight. No food nothing. Then I started feeling a bit weak and sickly and I had a reeeeeeally bad trip from the balloon I took and after I just started throwing up and had a nose bleed. My whole body was going nuts. But I’m good now :)

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF GURRLLL, can’t have you od’ing on me before we party together. gotta be kind to your body sometimes!



We were legless and uncomfortable. Crawling out of our skin. We sweated it out because we thought we had each other and the future

— Candy - Luke Davies (via chanelbagsandcigarettedrags)
isn’t this life so amazing 


The actual smell of rain comes from plants. When plants are in drought they produce oils in replacement for waters. When the time comes and it finally starts raining the plants get their needed water and they release these oils in the air and the smell of that oil is what we call smell of rain

haha funny joke now go fuck yourself before i cut your dick off